Casual Car Series Presents: Solo Sex A Blog By Storm Stone
Guest Blog Post-

Casual Car Series Presents:
Solo Sex
A Blog By
Storm Stone
Hi, Storm Stone here, sharing with you the intimacies of my Solo Sex life.
About Me
Firstly let me say I hate the word masturbation! What an ugly work for such a wonderful gift. So clinical, it sounds like some kind of disease:
*She’s suffering from a terminal case of masturbation.*
So, from here on you will not hear me using that word. Solo Sex it is. I think it has a pleasant ring to it, plus it’s self explanatory.
Okay, back to me. As I said my name is Storm Stone and I have great sex every night, sometimes two or even three times a night. I also happen to be single . .
So, how does she do it, you ask?
Fantasies, fingers, toys, erotica and well-made porn.
Can a single woman be sexually satisfied?
YES! I’m proof of it. I’m a sexual, sensual woman, in the prime of my life. I just don’t have the time or inclination to kiss a whole lot of toads in order to find my Prince. I am my Prince – every night in my deepest fantasies.
*How many men do you meet every day, every week, every month that you fancy?*
How many cute – fuckable (let’s call a spade a spade) men are you going to meet on a night out with the girls that you fancy and that happens to fancy you? Nil, probably, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without mind-blowing sex. Maybe more mind-blowing than the sex your married friends are getting.
*Sorry it’s not that I’m celibate, or frigid, I just prefer Solo Sex*
Solo Sex: Why don’t more women do it more often?
• It’s Free
• It’s Exciting
• It’s Fun
• It’s Healthy
• It’s Safe
• It’s Relaxing
• It’s a guaranteed orgasm
• The list goes on and on.
See, you don’t have to go to those dreaded Single Bars, hoping to meet Mr Right and ending up in bed with Mr Wrong.
Also, you don’t have to take unnecessary risks:
• Going home with a virtual stranger who may be dangerous, violent, misogynistic, selfish, hopeless, etc.
• Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
• Risk of Pregnancy.
• Feeling cheap, used, abused, depressed, etc, afterwards.
• Shave that pussy! I don’t care what women, or men, say about going au naturale, nothing feels sexier, cleaner, more sensitive, and more downright erotic than a shaved/waxed/smooth pussy. Whether you’re at home pleasuring yourself, or walking through the office; you’re going to feel sexier with a smooth pussy.
• Keep your nails short: yes, I know some of you ladies love your long painted nails, but you have to choose; more pleasure or long nails. If you go for the long nails, you’ll have to use more toys, and fortunately there’s a huge selection of toys out there to suit your every need. A selection that’s growing all the time. (More on toys later.)
• Lubricant: A good lubricant is essential. KY works fine, but once again there is a great selection of different lubes to choose from. Do not go for the cheap no-name brands, they suck.
• Have a shower/bath beforehand: you want to feel fresh, clean and sexy.
• Let your imagination run wild! Most of us women do not want to be gang-banged by three guys – if we did prostitution would have gone out of business years ago – but in your imagination you are the three perfect guys as well as yourself and you’re having a ball.
• Do NOT feel guilty about your fantasies; they are yours, they are not illegal and they are limitless.
• Set the mood: Don’t just come home from work, have your shower, something to eat, watch some telly and a quick finger orgasm before drifting off to sleep. NO! Have your shower; put on something that makes you feel sexy. Anything from thigh-high stockings to satin pajama pants that rub against your clit every time you move. Build up the mood with candlelight while you eat, brushing up against your nipples or your pussy while you sip that glass of wine. Feel the excitement build up inside, so by the time you’re ready to move to the bedroom you’re desperate for it. Now I know a lot of you ladies just don’t have the time for this every night. Working hard, coming home exhausted, but set apart at least ONE night a week to pleasure and pamper yourself.
• Lastly: EXTRAS and by extras I mean; toys, erotic reading and porn. Be very selective with porn; some of it can be very off-putting for a woman.
• Personally I prefer reading erotica to watching porn (Reading List to come). Generally erotica written by women seems to suit me more than that written by men.
So ladies, off you go to have some great Solo Sex! 

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