Sex Story - Casual Car Deception - By: Storm Stone

Casual Car Deception ‘Sexerpt’
Storm Stone
Damon’s eyes were cold, unreadable. “I found your blog Jemma, you lied to me, Solo Sex is not a ‘travel blog’. You lied to me.”
Jemma felt icy dread run through her veins. “I was going to tell you – I was just waiting for the right moment.”
His amber eyes narrowed. “I don’t think you were gonna tell me, baby. Your travel blog just happens to be a porn blog -.”
“It’s not porn!”
“Oh really, have you any idea how many men jerk off to your blog?”
“That’s not my fault; I write for women; single women who want to please themselves and have a right to a sex life even if they are single. I don’t need to justify my writing, my work to you – or anyone.”
He laughed. “I read some of your blog, pretty hot stuff, Jemima.”
She cringed, feeling exposed at the thought of him reading her blog. “I’m Jemma, Jemima is a – pseudo name.”
“Whatever, you certainly got me going. I had to jerk off three times while reading that stuff.”
“It’s written for women,” she repeated.
“Yeah, all those toys and gadgets, who needs a man huh?” he straightened up and walked towards her. “I’d love to try some of them with you, on you . . . But I’m warning you, if you put me in your blog, I will sue the ass off of you Jemma, do you understand?”
He was looming over her, too close for comfort, and her skin prickled with awareness. “What happened between us was private,” she managed, steadily. “Nothing to do with my blog.”
“So innocent, so convincing,” he reached out and trailed his finger down from her cheek to her neck.
Jemma’s body caught fire at his touch, she was hungry for him, moisture pooling between her legs.
His finger continued down over her dress, circling one hard nipple. He smiled, smugly. “I still want to fuck you, I want to punish the hell out of you, but I also want to fuck you.”
He stared at her, his eyes no longer cool. Punish her! “Punish me?” She croaked.
“Yes, punish you for lying to me,” his finger circling her nipple was exquisite torment.
Her mind was confused with dozens of unanswered questions, but all her body wanted was him on that bed, naked and fucking her over and over again.
“Are you up to it, or shall I just leave?”
“No!” She sounded desperate, she was desperate. “Just let me explain first.”
“I’m not interested in explanations; do you wanna fuck or not?”
She was so weak and he knew it, his smile told her so. “Yes, I do.” He was so experienced, so totally out of her league. “What do you mean by punish me?”
He smiled. “You’ll find out soon enough.”
This was crazy; she was scared, but curious and wet for him.
“Go over and stand by the bed,” his voice was cool, commanding, after a moment she did as he asked, feeling his eyes on her back. “Turn around.”
He smiled; a predator’s smile. God, how could she not have seen that she was playing with fire?
“If you don’t like it just tell me to stop, and I’ll leave.” He stood over her, an air of taut excitement about him. “Do you understand?”
She nodded; she didn’t want him to leave.
“Answer me!”
“Yes, I understand,” her voice was husky with desire and trepidation.
He took her hand, his rough one sending currents of need through her. Seating himself at the bottom of the bed he pulled her onto him. In one swift move she was spread over his lap, her face buried in the mattress, her pelvis pushing against his hard groin and her booted legs kicking at the air What the hell!
“Legs straight!” He grabbed both legs in one big hand and pressed them against the mattress. “Keep them still.”
She did as she was told, but turned her head around, trying to see what he was going to do.
“Keep still!” He twisted her hair painfully in his fist.
She was breathing hard, fear of the unknown seeping through her. He was so angry; about her blog, her lying to him. God, he must be so pissed.
“I think we’ll keep these sexy clothes on,” his voice had changed, the anger gone, replaced by a sensual, promising tone.”For the moment, anyway.”
She felt wet and afraid - a lethal combination. Damon was a master at sex and manipulation, whereas she was a novice. He lifted her dress; satin-lined it slid smoothly upwards. He caressed her bottom, covered by her panties and tights, but still his hands burned through the fabric, and before she knew it, the tights and panties were yanked down to her knee-high boots. She was naked from waist to thigh!
“That’s better,” Damon caressed her cheeks, settled high over his lap. “I’ve been thinking a lot about this ass.”
Suddenly a stinging slap across her bottom; Jemma shrieked in pain and fury.
“Shh, you’ll get to like it.”
No way. Then his palm began stroking the stinging skin and his fingers slipped between her legs, finding her wet, hot cunt; she moaned in desperate need, dreaming of his hands on her body for days. The stinging pain followed by this aching pleasure…
“See.” He murmured. “Just two more and then I’m gonna fuck you.”
Two more degrading, painful slaps. Could she handle it? Then he would fuck her. Yes she could handle two more slaps to have his huge cock buried inside her.
His palm hit her flesh again, followed immediately by his caressing hand, soothing the sting and then sliding between her legs, finding her clitoris and rubbing. She moaned, unable to hold back the fractured feelings he was evoking in her.
“Last one, baby.” Another hard, stinging slap over both cheeks followed by that caressing palm and then his fingers sliding up and down, her moist slit, inside her saturated core, exposing her desperate desire for him.
“Oh baby, always so wet and ready for my cock.”
He threw her onto the bed, face down on the mattress. “Don’t move,” he instructed her. “I want to look at that beautiful pink ass while I fuck you.”
She didn’t dare look, but she heard something drop to the floor. His shirt? And then he was behind her, his jeans rubbing against her knees, his hard, throbbing cock sliding up against her dripping core.
He rubbed her sore ass cheeks.”Oh baby, you look so hot, so ready for my cock inside you, fucking you hard.”
“Damon please -.” The pain had not decreased her desire; if anything, it had increased it. She was desperate for him to fuck her now.
He hesitated and she sobbed, circling her ass, bending and thrusting her pussy out at him.
“I should leave you like this, begging for it. God, you really don’t deserve this, you little liar.” He slid the blunt head from her core to her clit and slowly back down again.
“Fuck me, please,” she hated herself for begging, especially after he had hurt and humiliated her. Why was she so weak, her pride decimated by his sexual expertise?
“Say that again, louder.”
“Fuck me, please!” She shouted, hating him, but hating herself more.
“God, I love it when you beg.”
In one thrust, he rammed himself inside her. She screamed, but not with pain, that first thrust, deep and hard, preparing her for his total possession. As he withdrew and thrust harder and faster into her, Jemma gave herself to him. Her cunt squeezing and welcoming; her orgasm building with each thrust. She needed this, more than anything in the world!
His breathing was ragged. “Come on, Jemma. Give it to me, baby”
His urgent words send her over the edge, freefalling, while he continued to slam into her. Five days without this, without him, sent her into a mindless, shattering orgasm.
“God, you’re so tight,” he choked, continuing to slam into her and she continued to come, waves of mindless pleasure washing over her.
His hands gripped her hips, pulling her up against his rock-hard shaft. Jemma sobbed, her body boneless as he continued to ram into her, over and over again.
“Fuck, oh fuck, I don’t wanna come,” he groaned.
Her cunt was convulsing around him; her arms, unable to hold herself up, slid forward until her upper body was flat against the mattress, only her ass lifted high by his strong hands, as he continued to ram into her. Unable to control her body; waves of sensation wracking through her? She was totally his, to do with as he pleased.
Her hands had reached the headboard as his pounding hips pushed her further up the bed. She gripped the wooden slats, holding on tight, giving her leverage as he continued to slam into her.
“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck!”
Jemma felt his cock swell inside her, finally that liquid warmth filled as he came and came. His body stiffened into an arch, hips grinding and jerking, he emptied himself into her; groaning as if in agony.
His cock still buried deep inside her, Damon slowly lowered himself onto her, his limp body covering hers. Both of them slick with sweat and breathing raggedly, they slowly drifted back down to earth.

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