Sexcerpt of 'Passion & Deceit, Book One' By Leela Atherton


Sexerpt of Passion & Deceit, Book One
By Leela Atherton
Passion & Deceit, now published by Black Opal Books in paperback and ebook. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, etc.

He paused, wondering if he should tell her. “I bought you another gift – besides the anklets.” There was no going back now.
She stared at him, her interest piqued. “Why?”
“Why? Because I wanted to.” Any other woman would have asked what, but she wasn’t any other woman. He shifted uncomfortably, nervous. “But I knew you wouldn’t accept it.”
She frowned. “Why not, is it something – expensive?”
He shrugged, avoiding her gaze. “No, that’s not the reason. Anyway you probably wouldn’t like it. Forget I mentioned it.”
“Do you have it here?” Silence. “Could I at least see it?”
“I told you, you won’t like it.” His heart was beginning to pound.
She sat up, her long hair hanging deliciously over her breasts, allowing her nipples to peak out as she moved. “I would really like to see it, please?”
He didn’t want her to see how aroused he was just by their conversation; luckily the towelling robe was at the bottom of the bed. Rajiv grabbed it and turned aside as he shrugged it on, making his way to the cupboard.
He carried the long, green velvet box over to where she was sitting with her knees drawn up to her chin, her hair a curtain of copper surrounding her, and dropped it casually onto the bed.
“Open it.”
She stared at it, then up at him, moistening her lips - wary. “No, you open it.”
He seated himself on the side of the bed beside her, his mouth dry with tension and excitement. He had never expected her to see it; quickly, without hesitation, he flipped it open.
She stared at the rolls of gold chains and frowned. “Is it a necklace?”
“No – not exactly.” Rajiv extracted the shorter, thicker chain, made up of chunky gold links, holding it close to the side-lamp he’d switched on earlier. “This is a kind of necklace – a chocker. Do you want to try it on?”
She hesitated, staring at the gold collar, then back at him and nodded. “Ok, but I’m not keeping it, it looks awfully expensive.”
Dear God, the price was the least of his worries, if she allowed him to put the whole thing on her . . . heart pumping; his erection ached at the thought.
He slid it gently beneath her hair at the nape of her neck and secured the petite padlock in front at her delicate throat.
“Is it too tight?” His voice sounded hoarse as he slid an expert finger between the chain and her skin. It was a little too loose for his liking, but then she’d lost weight since he’d bought it. They’d both lost weight; he pushed the thought aside, just wanting to be in the moment.
“No, it feels fine,” she said fingering the little padlock. ‘What are the other pieces for?” She asked looking at the box on the bed.
He pulled out the rest of it, which was long, fine-linked, golden chains all connected to a circular gold disc at the top. “I’ll show you, if you’ll let me,” he spoke uncertainly. “Shall I put it on you?”
She glanced at him, still fingering the little, gold padlock. “Ok,” she said, huskily.
He took a deep breath, trying to control his excitement. ‘Kneel down on the bed.”
Without hesitation she twisted that sensuous body, folding her long legs beneath her and resting back on her heels.
Seeing her in that position sent the blood flooding to his groin, making it difficult for him to think, to speak. He lifted the shortest chain attached to the top of the disc and snapped the last link to the padlock; the sun-disc immediately rested flat against the pale golden skin of her breast-bone. The rest of the chains fell down in different lengths, between her breasts, coming to rest in a small pile of gold between her thighs. Her fingers moved down to the disc and he noticed her nipples had tightened, two hard nubs pointing outwards through her silky hair, begging for attention.
Rajiv forced his hands not to shake as his fingers closed over the chains linked to either side of the sun-disc. They curved just beneath her breasts as he pulled them outwards.
“Lift your arms,” he breathed. “This piece locks at your back.
She lifted her arms and he had to drag his eyes from those high, pouting breasts with their pale rose nipples. His arms closed around her as he secured the two chains at her back, but he released her quickly, even when he heard her suck in her breath expectantly. Dear God, she looked incredible, her arms above her head, the collar, the sun-disc and the two chains curving outwards beneath each perfect breast.
There was one more chain linked to the bottom of the disc, which also had two chains attached to it, just below her navel. She lowered her hands and fingered the fine links beneath her breasts, her breathing uneven, causing her breasts to jump a little with each breath.
Rajiv took hold of the two chains that curved down low on her hips and once again put his arms around her back to secure them together just above her smoothly rounded ass. For a moment her breast was pointed right at his face and he couldn’t resist taking one tight nipple in his mouth and sucking hard. She gasped, arching into him, but seemed to know not to touch him as he dragged himself away from that pouting nub.
There was only one piece of chain left to secure and it lay curled up like a dozing snake between her thighs.
“Spread you legs, Maya.” He spoke with authority, not wanting her to question what he was about to do, desperate to see her wearing it, as he’d imagined, when he’d bought it.
She spread her bended knees with divine obedience and he slipped the links between the lips of
her sex; wet and slick with their combined juices, sliding his other hand around her back, caressing her cheeks, before drawing the chain between her ass chhks and linking it snugly to the one draping her lower back.
“That’s it,” he said, struggling to control the rampant desire betrayed in his voice. “That’s how it’s meant to be worn.”
He raised his wary eyes to hers.
“It’s beautiful,” She said in a breathy, sexy voice, and Rajiv had to close his eyes for a moment to gain some remnant of control. She looked like a pagan goddess. Proud and yet shy and submissive at the same time.
“Dear God, you are beautiful.” He whispered. “Lift yourself; I want to see it as it should be seen.”
She straightened, kneeling as if in prayer and Rajiv unloosened the belt of his robe, shrugging it off, uncaring that his erect cock was visible now. He stretched out in front of her, leaning on one arm, drinking her in.
The gold was a perfect foil against her pale, creamy skin. The collar turned him on big time and the finer chains draped beneath her up-tilted breasts made his mouth water. His gaze followed the chain down to the two chains resting on the flare of her hips and then the last one, looped between her legs, between those moist, pouting lips. He lifted his hand and slid it up one smooth thigh, having the pleasure of feeling her tremble beneath his fingers,
She ran her hands along the chain beneath her breasts, tentatively fingering them, then cupping each breast.
“God, Maya,” he groaned. “What you do to me?” He hooked one finger into the chain below her navel and ran it southwards until his knuckle was rubbing against her distended clitoris. She moaned, arching her back as his finger trailed down between the slick flesh beyond. He was breathing hard, his body damp and filled with tension.
She may be the one wearing the slave collar, but he knew he was the real slave here, enslaved by this obsession with her. . .
“Turn over for me, please baby,” Rajiv lifted his upper body off of her, running his hand from
her breast, to her hip and then up again.
Maya was floppy with exhaustion. “Raj,” her wrists were finally free, her arms bent at
either side of her head. “I can’t – move.”
They’d been making love for hours with a kind of desperation that was almost scary. He kept
holding her down, circling her wrists as if she would run away if he let her go. Kept bringing
her to the edge and then pulling back. Tormenting her, making her beg and, finally, taking her
over that edge, again and again. It was incredibly erotic but slightly disturbing at the same time.
He lifted himself off her and turned her gently over. “I love your back,” he whispered. Running
both hands from her shoulders down to cup the cheeks of her ass. “And your backside, of
He’d eventually taken the chains off her, but not before he’d driven her mad with them; kissing, licking and sucking her body wherever the chains touched. Rolling them against her nipples with his tongue, then moving down to torment her with the chain tugging between her streaming lips, rolling it against her swollen clit. After driving her insane, he’d taken her, furiously, with the body jewellery on, the chain rubbing against him and her as he forced her to come in an orgasm that didn’t want to end. But that wasn’t enough . . . Once he’d taken the chains off her, one by one, he began to make slow, languorous love to her. Exploring every inch of her body, with his mouth, his hands, his tongue, until she was boneless and overdosed on pleasure.
Now he was caressing her lower back, his erection resting against the cheek of her backside, as he kissed the skin of her shoulders. She was limp with exhaustion, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t feel, and when his hand moved between her legs, exploring her lush, swollen flesh, Maya moaned helplessly.
“I’m sorry, baby,” he whispered against her skin. “I know you’re tired and sore, but I just can’t get enough.” He nudged her legs gently apart and she felt the hot blunt head of his cock pushing into her again. She heard herself groan, her body moist enough for him to ease in without too much effort and then he was thrusting slowly and deeply into her. She cried out as he withdrew, almost completely, and then thrust in deep, again and again, until she was awash with sensation, her inner muscles convulsing around him in spasms that would not end. She was under his erotic spell, completely and utterly his.

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