Special Preview Sexerpt from Book Two, Passion & Denial by Leela Atherton

Passion & Denial
Book Two of the Passion Trilogy
Leela Atherton
A Special Preview Sexerpt from Book Two, Passion & Denial available only on SexStoriesandToys.com. Passion & Denial to be published in 2015. Passion & Deceit, now available in paperback and ebook.
He was leaning back on his elbows, watching her every move, like a dangerous feline ready to strike. Only the bulge in his trousers revealing the fact that he was not fully in control of himself.
“Panties?” He lifted his brows.
Reaching carefully beneath the dress, Maya slid the black, cotton panties down her legs and stepped out of them.
His cold, unwavering eyes were scaring her, all that fury seemed to have turned to ice, as he lounged back on the bed, his expression telling her nothing. It was like having a stranger in her bedroom.
“I think we should do it in the bathroom, the walls are little thicker,” he surmised, stroking her Indian bed-cover with his fingers.
She gazed wide-eyed at him, her core damp and throbbing, unsure what to do.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” His tone was insolent. “Go to the bathroom.”
Rubbing her damp palms against the sides of her dress, she walked slowly through to the darkened bathroom. She could just see her reflection in the mirror; eyes wide, mouth swollen from his kisses, her hair a tumbled mess around her pale face.
Leaning against the basin, she waited, taking deep shaky breaths, unable to get her body under control. He was going to come in here and fuck her hard. She should be looking for an escape route and instead her body was craving it – craving him. Her nipples had tightened, visible through the dress even though she was wearing a bra, and she could feel hot liquid weeping from her core. He was going to feel that too and know how desperate she was for him, any way she could have him. Should she wipe away the evidence with some toilet paper? Try and regain some remnant of self respect?
Suddenly the bright bathroom light was switched on and he was there; standing in the doorway, naked, beautiful. He watched as her eyes drank him in; his dark bronzed body gleaming in the bright light. Maya lowered her eyes, her inner muscles tightening painfully at the sight of his huge erection, her breathing speeding up, it was so aggressively beautiful.
He ran his hand lazily down his smooth chest, over his taut stomach and closed his fist around that bulging cock. “Like what you see?”
The head was gleaming, a tear drooling from the swollen tip. Maya moistened her lips and nodded, unable to drag her eyes away. She wanted to kneel down and take him in her mouth, lick that tear with her tongue and cover him with her lips, make love to him with her mouth. He pulled the skin back, exposing the smooth, gleaming knob, the swollen shaft, then pushing his fist forward and squeezing hard, she watched the teardrop fall to the floor. Her eyes widened and jerked up to gaze into his cynical, smiling face.
“Don’t worry, baby, there’s lots more where that came from.”
She reached out her hand, desperate to touch him, even if he was behaving like a stranger, she didn’t care. She needed to touch him.
“Oh no you don’t.” She dropped her hand immediately, his cold voice scaring her.
“I want you to turn around and spread your hands against the wall.”
She stared at him, eyes beseeching. “Rajiv, please -.”
“Now. I won’t tell you again.” His voice was soft, but deadly. “Hands up against the wall.”
She did as he demanded. Turning, she spread her hands and pressed them against the tiles, feeling like a police suspect.
Without warning he grabbed her hair, twisting it sideways, pushing her cheek against the cold, hard tiles while his other hand gripped her hip and pulled her against him. Her hands slid down the tiles, as he lifted her dress and ground his hips against her naked ass. Heat flooded through her, her eyes drooping at the wanton sensation of his rock-hard erection sliding between her thighs, against the moist, flesh of her vulva. It was too much, she was going to come. Moaning, Maya thrust her sex high against his raging erection.
“Oh no you don’t,” he pulled away and she sobbed in despair. “Not yet baby.”
How did he know?
His breathing was heavy against her ear, but still, he was in control.
“Now I’m going to fuck you from behind and you need to keep quiet, if you make a sound I’ll stop. Do you understand? There are other people in this house, and the walls are thin.”
Maya tried to nod her head, but his grip on her hair was too tight, causing her eyes to tear-up while her inner muscles continued to clench with the need.
“I said, do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand, Rajiv.” She choked.
His fingers tightened painfully into her hair. “Don’t use my name; do not say my name, okay?”
“Yes.” She whimpered, her body crying out for release, her mind focused on his commanding voice.
Finally he released her hair from that punishing grip. Using both hands he shoved her dress up around her waist, running his palms over the naked cheeks of her ass. His thick, elongated cock rubbing in and out between the moist lips of her smooth pussy. Rough hands caressed her bare buttocks, squeezing each cheek, as she sobbed quietly.
Shoving one solid thigh between her knees, he used his bare foot to spread her feet wider apart. Maya’s head was now hanging low between her stretched arms, she could see her feet through a haze of lust, planted wide apart, her sex pulsing, wet and exposed.
Rajiv’s hand slid slowly, lazily around her waist, over her taut stomach and down between her legs, his middle finger searching between the folds of weeping flesh, discovering and circling her clitoris. Maya’s whole body jerked and shuddered as he stroked her swollen nub. She moaned with desperate pleasure.
“I said, don’t make a sound,” he breathed harshly into her ear. “If you do I’ll stop. You wanted to stay here, you didn’t want to go back to the hotel, so you have to be quiet.”
Suppressing her moans, she gasped quietly for air as his finger tormented and teased her inflamed clit; arms trembling, against the wall, legs weak and shaky, unable to hold herself up. But he was so strong, holding her easily against his hips, his finger working its magic. She could feel his erection hot and huge between her legs, his breathing heavy and uneven.
Maya was on the edge of orgasm, that tormenting finger sliding expertly against her slick flesh, taking her right to the edge and then pulling back.
“Always so ready,” he groaned.
Without warning, he raised one hand and covered her mouth, then gripping his erection, he rammed himself into her.
Maya’s scream was smothered by his hand, her body suddenly invaded by his monstrous cock, shoving into her hard and fast.
She came almost immediately, his body slamming savagely into hers. The pleasure of his huge cock driving into her, stretching her inner muscles to the limit, sent Maya over the edge, into freefall. Her body limp, Rajiv gripped her hips, fingers digging into her, holding her boneless form up against his. Lifting her bottom higher, pushing in even deeper, he grunted with each driving thrust.
Waves of convulsing pleasure spiralled Maya into another dimension, where nothing existed, nothing except him pounding into her over and over again. It was impossible to keep quiet, muffled moans escaping, as her body continued to explode. Only his hands at her hips preventing her from collapsing to the floor.
Suddenly she felt him stiffen and arch back, hissing through clenched teeth. His climax overtook him; hot spunk spurting deep inside her. Maya’s muscles clenched tightly, milking every drop of cum from his pulsing cock.

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